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Travelling to Norway

Norway is not a member of the EU. Therefore, imports from EU countries will generally be treated like imports from countries outside the EU.


Temporary residence in Norway

You may import a foreign-registered vehicle to Norway duty-free and tax-free and use it temporarily, but it is a requirement that you are only temporarily resident here. 10/28/2013

Tourists are allowed to use foreign-registered car in Norway

If you are a tourist who neither live, study, work or have a spouse or children under 18 years in Norway, you may use a vehicle registered in another country during the visit. 6/6/2013

Lay up your boat in Norway

Tourists can now leave their boats in Norway. 10/13/2011

VAT - refund to tourists

If you live outside Norway, you may claim a refund of the value-added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased in Norway and taken with you out of the country. 7/30/2010
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