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STEP 6: Border crossing and informing the driver

You must inform the driver of how to do Digitoll at the border crossing.

Border crossing at Ørje/Svinesund

  1. At arrival:
    • The vehicle’s plates are automatically scanned by an ANPR camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).
    • The camera will automatically register the time of entry and the vehicle’s number plate.
  2. Follow signs marked Digital tollklarering/Digital customs clearance.
  3. Traffic lights will indicate to the driver how to proceed.
    • Green light:
      • Driver continues on through customs without stopping.
    • Red light:
      • The driver must pull the vehicle over in the red zone.
      • The driver must go to the desk and take a “Digitoll” number.
      • The driver presents a valid ID – passport (for foreign drivers) or driving licence (for Norwegian drivers) – and gives the vehicle’s number plate.
      • The driver must bring:
        • Consignment note
        • Foreign export papers if applicable (except for Swedish exports – where it’s sufficient that the export reference is provided in the consignment information).

  4. Upon exiting the customs territory:
    • The vehicle’s number plates are scanned again by the ANPR camera.
    • The time of exit is registered.
    • Goods are automatically automatically cleared for the customs procedure selected.
    • Remember: Make sure the number plate is clean and keep the speed low through the customs area.

Drivers shall only contact the desk if: 

  • The driver gets a red light.
  • The driver is selected for manual processing by a customs officer.
  • The driver needs to correct inaccurate information or update information.
  • The driver or passenger is bringing personal goods to declare.
  • In case of discrepancies: If the camera or lights at the customs office are not in working order, you must stop and go to the desk.

Other border stations for road traffic

  • Until a new border-crossing solution is implemented, the driver must go to the desk, but the process will be more efficient, as the information has already been processed.

Ferry landings

  • For all ferry landings, until a new border-crossing solution is implemented, it will be necessary to go inside to the desk. The process will be more efficient, as the information has already been processed.