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TRK - customs ID-number (former MRK-number)

Persons and Companies that import goods into Norway are obliged to give their personal ID-number or business-number given by The Norwegian Authorities. 

The type of numbers that are accepted are personal ID numbers or D-numbers for persons from Skatteetaten/The Norwegian Tax administration. Companies must give their business number from Foretaksregisteret/The Register of Business Enterprises.

The Norwegian Customs Electronic system for exchanging customs declarations (TVINN) requires one of the above-mentioned numbers.

If you do not have a number to give to the Customs, you must apply for a TRK-number.

The freight-forwarders often applies for the TRK-number on behalf of their customers.

Application form, procedure, and necessary attachments are explained in the form that can be obtained here. One form for each person or each business is required.