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Moving out of Norway

If you are moving from Norway to another country, you must be aware that different countries have different rules/regulations for import. You must contact the customs authorities in the country you are moving to for information about regulations for the import of your household goods. 

Note: An update of this article is pending. Please note that some terms and/or references may differ from the Movement of Goods Act and the Customs Duty Act that enters into force from the 1st of January 2023.

I am transporting my household goods myself

You must make an inventory list of your household goods. It does not have to be very detailed. Example:

  • Box 1 – Clothing
  • Box 2 – Kitchenware
  • Box 3 – Toys
  • 1 Sofa
  • 1 TV

If the value of your household goods exceeds NOK 5 000, you have to declare the goods for export to the Norwegian customs by making an export declaration. You can do this beforehand at your local customs office. Bring with you your inventory list and ID.

If you are going to transport the household goods out of Norway by ferry, you must make an export declaration in advance at a local customs office.You must stop and present the export declaration to the Customs before you board the ferry.

If you want to transport the household goods out of Norway yourself by road, you may make an export declaration at the border customs office during opening hours. You must stop at the border and present the inventory list and personal ID.

If your export declaration was cleared by customs in advance, you have to stop at the border to show this.

I am using a moving company or another professional carrier

Usually, these companies know the regulations and the correct procedures and they may also make the export declaration on your behalf. You should check this with the company before the export.

I am bringing my car when I am moving

If you are bringing your car, your motorcycle or another vehicle, you can read more about this here.

I am bringing weapons in my household

If you are bringing weapons or ammunition, you must get a permission for export from the police in advance.Contact your local police for more information.