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Simplified customs declaration of alcohol and tobacco

As a traveller to Norway you may, in addition to the duty free quota, declare up to 27 litres of beer or wine, four litres of spirits, 400 cigarettes and 500 grams of tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff for personal use.

If you are bringing more alcohol or tobacco than the quota, you must either declare using the Norwegian Customs app or one of the Norwegian Customs duty and tax machines. Alternatively you must pass through the red channel to declare.

Rates for simplified customs declaration of alcohol and tobacco 2021
Beer (included strong beer) exceeding 2.5% alcohol by volume  27 litres in total NOK 21 per litre or
NOK 7 per 0.33 litre
Beverages with alcohol strength above 2.5% up to and including 4.7% NOK 21 per litre or
NOK 7 per 0.33 litre
Beverages above 4.7% and below 15% alcohol by volume (e.g. wine) NOK 62 per litre or
NOK 47 per whole bottle
Beverages from 15% up to and including 22% alcohol by volume (e.g. fortified wine) NOK 119 per litre or
NOK 88 per whole bottle
Beverages above 22% up to and including 60% alcohol by volume (e.g. spirits) 4 litres NOK 380 per litre or
NOK 262 per whole bottle
Smoking tobacco 500 grams in total NOK 331 per 100 grams
Snuff NOK 103 per 100 grams
Chewing tobacco NOK 137 per 100 grams
Cigars and cigarillos NOK 331 per 100 grams
Cigarettes 400 pcs NOK 331 per 100 cigarettes
Cigarette paper and sheaths 400 pcs NOK 6 per 100 sheets/sheaths


It is prohibited to import alcoholic beverages containing more than 60% alcohol by volume without special permission.

If you wish to import larger amounts of alcohol than shown in the table above, normal duty rates apply.