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Exporting cars and other vehicles

You will find information below on how to proceed when exporting a car or other vehicle, for example after selling a vehicle or exporting your vehicle out of Norway in connection with moving. 

1. Before exporting the vehicle

Is the vehicle considered waste?

If you are going to export a car or another vehicle that can be considered a wreck/waste (lacking EU approval), you can read more on the Norwegian Environment Agency's website. 
Read more about this on the Norwegian Environment Agency's website (in Norwegian) 

Is the vehicle manufactured before 1950?

If you are going to export a car or other vehicle produced before 1950, it can be considered a cultural heritage object. You have to then check with the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology to see if an export permit is required. 
Read more about this on the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology's website (in Norwegian) 


Military vehicles

If you are going to export a military vehicle, you have to check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if an export license is required. 
Read more about this on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website 


In some cases, the import country's customs authorities may require a proof of origin/EUR.1 movement certificate. This can be necessary to import the vehicle duty free. There are specific regulations concerning the authorization of an  EUR1 document for a used motor vehicle . Read more aboutthishere 

Other documents/other documentation:

  • We recommend that you contact the customs authorities in the country of importation to check whether any documents are required for customs clearance there. 

  • The original vehicle registration or COC (certificate of conformity) and possibly proof of purchase/sales contract or an appraisal/valuation. 

  • Any other documentation the Customs finds necessary for the export declaration.  

Refund of Norwegian fees

In certain cases, portions of the one-time fee for cars that were first registered in Norway from June 26, 2014 and later may be refunded. 
Read more about this on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website . 

2. If the value is NOK 5,000 or lower

If the value of the vehicle is NOK 5.000 or lower, you are not obligated to submit an exit summary declaration to the Norwegian Customs.  

However, you must submit an exit summary declaration for the vehicle if it is 

  • consideredwaste 

  • producedbefore 1950 

  • considered a militaryvehicle 

In the following we provideinformation on where you can submitthe export declaration and the documents you must provide.  

3. If the value is over NOK 5,000

Then you have tosubmit an exit summary declaration for the vehicle to the Norwegian Customs Administration. You can submit an exit summary decalaration at one of our customs offices You can also contact a freight forwarder that can assist you with the declaration.  

If you have are registered at the Brønnøysund Register Center as e.g., AS or ENK, you are obligated to submit the declaration electronically. If you requireassistance, you must contact a freight forwarder to submitthe declaration on your behalf 

You will need to bring the following documentation: 

  • The original registration showing that the vehicle is registered in your name (or the COC). 

  • Possibly the sales contract or an appraisal/valuation. 

  • A personal identitydocument. 

  • Possibly a permit from another agency if necessary (see item 1 - Before exporting the vehicle) 

4. Different types of vehicle number plates

5. When you cross the border

You have to stop at the border and submitthe exit summary declaration. If this has not been made at a local customs office, it must be made at the border, either by us or the freight forwarder. An overview of border crossings and their opening hours can be found here 

6. The Customs do not certify (stamp) export declarations retrospectively

If your export declaration was not certified (stamped) by Customs at the time of export, the Customs cannot certify this retrospectively. The certification is only given at the time of exportation,   This is a confirmation from the Customs that the goods are exported  fromNorway at the time of certification. 

 If you have not ensured this certification at the time of export, the Customs has in effect been deprived of the possibility of physical control of the goods. ,  Thus we cannot confirm that the goods in the export declaration in fact have   exported from Norway. 

Partial refund of the one-off registration tax 

It is the Norwegian Tax Administration that processes applications for partial refunds according to «Forskrift om engangsavgiftmotorvogner» Section 7-3. 

Section 7-3, fourth paragraph states: Export of the motor vehicle must be documented by a certified export declaration. When calculating the refund amount, the date of the export declaration shall be used as a basis. In special cases, the tax office can waive the requirement for a certified export declaration if the export is documented in another satisfactory way. 

 This is a matter between you and the Tax Administration. 

 We remind you that you must check with the customs authorities in the country of importation  regarding the applicable regulations and the required documentation.